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Oklahoma vs Ohio State Week 2

Oklahoma vs Ohio State, live stream 2017. College football picks, Week 2: Oklahoma, Ohio State face off in massive showdown

Oklahoma vs Ohio State  Live  streamred

Four teams among the AP Top 25 will face off in primetime-worthy games on Saturday: No. 2 Ohio State vs. No. 5 Oklahoma; No. 3 Clemson vs. No. 13 Aubur; No. 6 USC vs. No. 14 Stanford; and No. 15 Georgia vs. No. 24 Notre Dame. That’s quite the slate. Stanford is coming off a bye week, has a running back in Bryce Love who has a career yard-per-carry average of 9.6 yards and a quarterback in Keller Chryst who seems to be a solid game manager. USC, on the other hand, had a subpar performance against Western Michigan — including quarterback Sam Darnold.

The matchup this Saturday has major College Football Playoff implications and gives the Sooners a chance to show that they are still a major power in College Football. If Oklahoma wins, they will likely roll through their Big 12 schedule and could even afford to drop a game or maybe even two in Big 12 play. If they lose this game, they will likely have much less margin for error and may not be able to take a loss in Big 12 play and still make the CFP.

If Ohio State wins, it will give them some margin for error in Big Ten play and they may not even have to win their conference to make the playoff once again. If they get upset by the Sooners and somehow lose this game, they will likely have to win the Big Ten outright to make the playoff. This means that the Oklahoma offensive line of Orlando Brown, Ben Powers, Erik Wren Dru Samia and Bobby Evans Jr. will have their hands full on Saturday.