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Houston vs Arizona Football

Houston vs Arizona, live stream 2017. After hurricane-induced delay, Houston gets back to football vs. Arizona

Houston vs Arizona  Live  streamred

Houston will be inspired to give good vibes to the suffering fans back home. However, there are a lot of unknowns about this particular Houston team. This is their first game of the year after Hurricane Harvey canceled their opener against UTSA, they have a new head coach, new quarterback, and a good amount of new faces on defense.  Arizona will discover that the running game won’t come as easily against the Cougars as it did against NAU, and that completing a pass will be as unlikely as a hurricane in Tucson.

As of Friday, Applewhite hadn’t announced whether Kyle Postma or Kyle Allen would start at quarterback. Postma was the backup to Greg Ward and played considerably in the Cougars’ past two successful seasons. Allen is a former Texas A&M starter and big-time high school recruit who sat out last season as a redshirt. If you can’t tell by the score, I think UA barely wins this — like 50.10%-49.90%. If it weren’t for all the disruption the Cougars have had, I’d pick them to win but I feel they haven’t had a good opportunity to prepare for this game in the way they would want and it’ll likely show.

The university said nearly 70,000 pounds of relief goods filled the two big trucks. The school said Friday that while it could not accept more donations, people were urged to contribute through the Red Cross. Honestly, I feel like this game will come down to if Arizona can hold off the Cougar defensive line, no matter what the offensive scheme is. Will they be able to generate the holes that we saw against NAU? Probably not that often, but if they pop up, Arizona’s running/quarter backs will need to get through those holes immediately.