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Giants vs Cowboys, live stream 2017. Giants vs. Cowboys preview: Odell Beckham Jr. is always in the spotlight

Giants vs Cowboys  Live  stream


No chance. Legal maneuverings allow Cowboys star running back Ezekiel Elliott to play in this game, even as a six-game suspension for alleged domestic violence loomed over his head before getting an injunction Friday that will allow him to play during the court battle. When it comes to his critics, there are almost to unique personas Beckham Jr. is judged as: The uber-productive pass-catcher who is re-writing record books and undoubtedly one of the league’s most talented players, and the boat-riding, kicking-net fight, headline stealing personality who is a detriment to his team because of what he does off the field.

Wherever you stand on Beckham, there is a moment in time that unequivocally created his star, and it came almost three years ago, during another Sunday Night Football matchup between the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys. The New York Giants will open their 2017 regular season against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night at AT&T Stadium. Despite it being Week 1, the NFC East battle could set the stage for the race to a division crown. The Giants were 2-0 against the Cowboys last season, but the Cowboys won the NFC East. This opener could set the tone for what might be a changing of the guard in a division where last year’s champion is often this year’s also-ran.

These two realities — the ability accumulate receptions and yardage by the barrel load, and the one-handed catch, or the viral meltdown — are the yin and yang of how Beckham is typecast in the media. In the aftermath of his success against Bryant, Jenkins essentially said if you take away two of Bryant’s better routes, he’s “got nothing else.” A month later, Bryant saw the comments and erupted on Twitter. Jenkins, of course, responded, rekindling their war of words.