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Baltimore Ravens vs Cincinnati Bengals Football

Baltimore Ravens vs Cincinnati Bengals, live stream 2017. Baltimore Ravens vs. Cincinnati Bengals Odds, Analysis, NFL Betting Pick

  Baltimore Ravens vs Cincinnati Bengals Live  streamred

Baltimore will likely have starting quarterback Joe Flacco under center for the regular-season opener after recovering from a back injury. Bettors have seen how much the Indianapolis Colts miss Andrew Luck, and the same can be said for Flacco, who has sat out training camp and the entire preseason. The Bengals and the Ravens are two very similar organizations. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the coaching and player connections run deep between the two teams. Flacco said he battled boredom more than back pain during the hiatus. The 10-year veteran had never missed a training camp practice before this summer, but had to keep things in perspective.

While he has not performed well at Paul Brown Stadium in the past, just having him on the field at Cincinnati should give his teammates some confidence that they have a lot better chance to win with him. Lewis has had a successful tenure as the head coach for the Cincinnati Bengals (depending on who you ask), but before his time in Cincinnati, Lewis was the defensive coordinator for one of the best defenses of all time with the Ravens. Offensively, they also have more talent than the Ravens, with wide receiver A.J. Green ready to rebound.

Bengals special teams coordinator Darrin Simmons was Baltimore’s assistant special teams coach in 1998. He also served as an assistant strength and conditioning coach. Ravens secondary coach Chris Hewitt played four years at the University of Cincinnati from 1992-96.