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Bears vs Titans, live stream 2017. Bears vs. Titans: Preseason TV Schedule, Live Stream: Where to Watch

  Bears vs Titanslive Stream


The Chicago Bears enter Week 3 of the NFL preseason with an interesting dilemma at the quarterback position. Everybody in the Bears’ organization has made it obvious. Mike Glennon is the starting quarterback for the 2017 season. However, Mitch Trubisky is the future and has looked much better than Glennon through two preseason games. This makes many wonder if the future should come sooner than expected. On Sunday against the Titans, the Bears have an interesting plan in place. Glennon will still get the start and play the entire first half with the first-team offense and against the Titans’ first-team defense. However, Trubisky will start the second half on the field, leading the Bears’ first-team offense. It is unknown whether he will be playing against the Titans’ defensive starters, but it will be interesting to see him lead the Bears’ starters nonetheless.

This much is for sure, we will learn more about Trubisky in this game than we have in the first two preseason matchups. If Glennon looks terrible again and Trubisky dominates with the first-team offense against the Titans’ starters, what excuse will John Fox and company have to continue to start Glennon. Led by quarterback Marcus Mariota, a fantastic rushing attack and a talented defensive unit, the Titans are an extremely talented squad with obvious postseason upside this year. Make no mistake about it, this will be a tough test against a team that has a chance to make some serious noise in the AFC.

The quarterbacks will be the primary focus, but I am interested to see how many Bears’ players perform in this “dress rehearsal” game. Can wide receiver Kevin White step up and make an impact? Will Leonard Floyd continue to dominate against an elite offensive line? Does Tarik Cohen continue to look like an impressive playmaker who will make a huge impact as a rookie? We will learn all that and more this afternoon.

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