Seahawks vs Chiefs NFL PRESEASON

Seahawks vs Chiefs , live stream 2017.  During the third week of the preseason, Tony Romo will make his broadcasting debut during the Seahawks-Chiefs game.

 Seahawks vs Chiefs live Stream


Romo will be announcing the game along with Jim Nantz and Tracy Wolfson. Romo officially retired and reached a lucrative deal with CBS to join their broadcasting team after flirting with the idea of playing for a new team this season. In fact, the Chiefs were one of a few teams linked with Romo in the offseason, along with the Denver Broncos, Houston Texans and Arizona Cardinals. Rumors were that Romo was willing to play for the Chiefs if there was room, but K.C. never once wavered from their public support of Alex Smith and, in the end, there wasn’t a single team willing to pay whatever Jerry Jones was asking for his back-up.

Despite playing for the Broncos in the preseason, it’s still not clear whether or not Charles will make the team. He will need to prove he’s actually healthy enough to take the wear and tear that a regular season brings for any player, let alone one who has dealt with multiple knee surgeries over the last couple years. Those surgeries (and the question marks about his health that came with it) are what caused the Chiefs to finally turn the page on the Charles era in the first place.

Injuries. Even worse than Rawls or Lacy, Prosise cannot stay healthy for long stretches at a time. And it’s never the same injury. Currently, Prosise is dealing with a groin injury. At some point the Seahawks could just move on from Prosise because of having no faith he will be reliably healthy.

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